Strategic Partnership with TruePNL

We are very delighted to announce our new strategic partnership with TruePNL !

develops high-end, yet not overloaded financial products aimed to deliver transparency and convenience in terms of investing & trading crypto. TruePNL Launchpad, as the main product of TruePNL, is deisgned as a fair and secure investment application, providing a bridge between the outstanding projects, looking for a flexible and robust launching platform, and investors, seeking opportunities to become a part of the up-and-coming projects by participating in the clear and reliable token sale process.

TruePNL focuses on launching play-to-earn gaming projects, NFT-driven platforms, DeFi protocols and ecosystems.

$PNL is a native token of the TruePNL Ecosystem, used as a means of payment to enter the token sale campaigns hosted by the TruePNL Launchpad.

$PNL off-chain utility functions
PNLg points — an off-chain tool used for entering the sales pools. Users can earn and collect PNLg points by;

Holding $PNL: for each PNL token holder earns 1 PNLg point per day
Providing liquidity: for each $PNL a liquidity provider earns 2.5 PNLg points per day
Inviting referrals: each referral brings the referrer 20% of all the PNLg tokens the referral earns
Staking $PNL: locking up a certain amount of tokens for 3–24 months brings a staker instant PNLg boosts and APY rewards. PNLg points can be utilized to get an allocation in any public sale pool on the TruePNL Launchpad. The allocation size is proportional to the amount of PNLg points invested into the pool.

TruePNL was founded by skilled and accomplished blockchain entrepreneurs.

Ruslan Abdullin — CEO of TruePNL — is a serial entrepreneur with 6 years of experience in establishing and heading up blockchain, marketing, and e-commerce businesses. Driving TruePNL’s mission and evolving the products of the ecosystem, Ruslan is the major visionary of the company.

Viaceslav Tiurdenev — COO, team lead, and the tech commander of TruePNL, with 4 years of management of IT and blockchain development of TradFi and DeFi projects. Both TruePNL founders are experienced professionals with a strong background in blockchain and successful exit from their previous project.

TruePNL Biggest Partners & Backers
OKC, Poolz,, Harmony, Hacken

Cooperation Activities
Cross-Community AMAs
Exclusive Giveaway & Airdrop Events
IDO Launchpad
Cross-Marketing Support

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