Strategic Partnership with StarryNift

We are very excited to announce our strategic partnership with StarryNift !

StarryNift is a web3 co-creation & aggregation platform, which includes a quest rewards platform, metaverse, games and NFTs. StarryNift has successfully launched their own metaverse, games, and NFT collection.

They are constantly developing new functions and optimizing their products.
Their partners can apply to exhibit & promote their projects for free in their metaverse exhibition space!

StarryNift also plans to launch their quest rewards platform in Q3, which can allow more web3 natives to join and learn from the participating projects, to bring more exposure for the projects.

For the quest reward platform, they will cover gas fees, provide all tech support, free art design for banners, OAT badge, etc. What the project needs to do is simply provide their logo, short description of the project, task credentials (such as Follow official Twitter , Discord ….), and they will do the API for its collaborators and partners.

The basic collaboration ways:
1. Submit your logo, short description of your project, task credentials (such as Follow your Twitter , Discord ….) in the dashboard.
2. StarryNift will announce partnership on Twitter and other social media platforms; they can also host free AMA sessions, giveaways, etc. As mentioned above, they can take care of banner, art design.
3. StarryNift can also help you get access to good investors, such as SIG/Alameda Research/Binance, etc

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