Strategic Partnership with Ready Player Me
1 min readOct 7, 2022

We are very delighted to announce our new strategic partnership with Ready Player Me !

ABOUT Ready Player Me
Ready Player Me
is an avatar engine which, at the time of writing this, is used by 3.750+ developers, where users can create their own unique avatar in a matter of seconds, and uses the same avatar across different platforms and apps across the metaverse. Productivitity apps, games, and digital asset marketplaces of the metaverse are growing rapidly. However, until now this fast-growing domain has not allowed users to use their digital avatars across multiple apps or games. Similarly, developers have had to dedicate significant resources to build their own engines without being able to welcome 3rd party avatars into their environments.

Cooperation Activities
SDK Tools for Game Avatar Developments
Cross-Community AMAs
Exclusive Giveaway & Airdrop Events
Cross-Marketing Support

We will use SDK tools provided by Ready Player Me for various Avatars and costumes to be used in our Metaverse VR poker game platform that we developed with this partnership and integrate them into LasMeta.

In our development process, we will save time and workload in this way.

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