Strategic Partnership with Oxalus

We are very excited to announce new strategic partnerships with Oxalus - NFT Analytics Platform !

About Oxalus

Oxalus is an NFT Analytics Platform where you can find insightful quantitative information about the blockchain industry, especially the NFT sector. Oxalus has several products in the ecosystem, including Analytic Tools, Oxalus Game, Oxalus Tracker and Oxalus Wallet.

Oxalus Analytics

Trend setting and following the NFT market aren’t the only mint dates, minting deals, and trade offers, total value, or the team behind but also the valuable insights such as quality of projects community, real followers, and top NFT collectible.

Oxalus Analytics is your place to immerse yourself in the NFT market overview and explore the Upcoming NFT projects, top mints, and top collections. NFT analytics is a great resource, it is used daily, providing you leverage with NFT purchases and other decisions.

Oxalus Wallet

According to The Daily Iowan, Oxalus Wallet is a versatile NFT wallet where you can freely create multiple wallets in your style, manage digital assets, store thousands of NFTs on different blockchains and interact with the NFT marketplace easier than ever.

Oxalus Tracker

With the Oxalus tracker you can track the performance metrics with ease. This feature also allows you to manage several multi-game accounts. With all this information, you can optimize your ROI better.

Oxalus Game

Oxalus game is the one-stop platform for NFT Game: Game Launchpad, Game Gateway, NFT Marketplace and NFT Launchpad. You are a gamer and only interested in good games instead of investing in NFT collectibles, visit Oxalus Game now to discover hundreds of the best exclusive NFT titles.

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