Strategic Partnership with Luna-Pad

We are very excited to announce our strategic partnership with Luna-Pad!

What is Luna-Pad?
Luna-Pad is peer to peer innovative Launchpad on Multi-Blockchain ecosystem.

Luna-Pad comes up with the most transformative technologies since the Terra ecosystem adoption is increasing massively. Luna-Pad stands firmly in support to give exposure to the upcoming projects willing to join Terra and BSC ecosystem. Luna-Pad gives liberty to it’s investors to participate in token sale conducted by Luna-Pad on its Launchpad.

Multiple usecase is the main plan of Luna-pad such as Launchpad (TerraLuna & BSC ecosystem). Mobile wallet Mobile wallet enables credit card or debit card from VISA or Mastercard payments. Dapps on TerraLuna ecosystem.

Supporting Blockchain

· Polygon

· Ethereum

· Binance

· Solana

Cooperation Activities

· Launchpad

· Airdrop/Giveaway

· AMA crossing

· Cross-marketing support

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