Strategic Partnership with BrightyPad

We are very excited to announce our strategic partnership with BrightyPad!

What is BrightyPad?

BrightyPad Is A Brand-New Design That Goes Far Beyond Just Than Being A Launchpad Platform. BrightyPad is a brand-new integrated cross-chain ecosystem that introduces an all-in-one solution to launch and manage all your decentralized assets. BrightyPad will be supporting all the existing major blockchains while seamlessly functioning parallel to our custom software.

BrightyPad’s biggest goal to build the most advanced IDO launchpad with the fairest distribution and built-in price discovery mechanisms to search for the best matching yields and the best returns for the IDO buyers and the IDO project managers. BrightyPad Launchpad will be a 100% truly decentralized, multi-chain, and fully interoperable environment based on multi blockchain architecture with the most powerful and fairest market distribution algorithms. BrightyPad will the first ever IDO launchpad platform to have some of the most powerful combinations of decentralized fundraising, optimized price discovery and fair final settlement in preparation for distribution.

Supporting Blockchain

· Polygon

· Ethereum

· Binance

· Avalanche

· Solana

· Kucoin

Cooperation Activities

· Launchpad

· Airdrop/Giveaway

· AMA crossing

· Cross-marketing support

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