Coping with the difficulties of the bear market is a very difficult and painful period that requires a lot of patience and dedication both for each investor and for each project. Especially in this time, some people/platforms that manipulate numbers in the market, use bots that serve bad purposes, and engage in many more suspicious behaviors, started to become widespread. Among them are the “IDO” launchpad platforms, which we want to talk about today, which are essential for new projects.

There have been cases that we have been following for a long time and constantly following what happened without being hasty. Some of them are related to “X-Starter, FantomLive, LunaPad and Matic Launchpad”. These ill-intentioned projects, in addition to creating sales pressure on the projects that want to enter the market, misuse the future of the projects and the trust of the investors, as well as engage in many more unethical behaviors that we cannot accept.

You can follow the evidence of these situations from the links below and realize how important the issue is.

In order not to upset our investors and not to play with their hopes, we are breaking off our communication and collaborations with the following platforms and canceling our partnerships, in which we think about the health of our project and continue on our way with firm steps according to our vision.

The decision we have taken as the LasMeta team is not to harm the healthy progress of our project in any way. We embark for a long time and we continue our work with a very intense tempo, day and night. Nothing can intimidate us and we avoid taking wrong steps despite all kinds of negative conditions.

With our respects,
LasMeta Team | by Bloklab Limited


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