Partnership Announcement with BitKeep Wallet

LasMeta Collabrates with BitKeep Wallet

About BitKeep Wallet

With 60+ main chains, 10.000+ DApps and 4.500+ cryptos supported, BitKeep aims to provide the most convenient and easy-to-use decentralized portal to users.

Bitkeep has five major fucntions; wallet, DApps store, Swap Aggregator, NFT Marketplace and most important Launchpad.

Bit Keep Wallet is increasing its popularity day by day, providing instant cross-chain swapping, more than 100.000 assets and NFT trading support to more than 5 million active users on 66 different networks, and keeping your assets safe by performing these services using the original and unique DESM encryption algorithm.

It is a new generation and modern DEFI focused crypto wallet.

Equipped with all-platform search capability to optimize your NFT investment journey, the aggregated multi-chain NFT Market allows users to make a purchase with any token.

DApp Store that you can navigate with ease in one minute Enjoy seamless, simple and secure. Access to the blockchain and all decentralized applications. The DApp store makes it easy for users to search for and use any DApps.

You can check out for more details;

What will this partnership add to us?

In addition, LasMeta continues on its way with strong steps to increase its brand value with the support of the members of BitKeep Wallet community.

We will announce our new partnerships to you in the coming days.
Stay tuned! Thanks LasMeta fam!



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