We are very delighted to announce our new strategic partnership with Diviner Protocol !

ABOUT Diviner Protocol
Diviner Protocol aims to build up a metaverse that offers users a gamified & diversified prediction marketplace. The project’s mission is to combine the innovations in DeFi and NFTs to create a unique and Gamified Prediction & Play to Earn Ecosystem.

Diviner Protocol is committed to becoming the next generation of prediction market, offering users gamified, community-driven and decentralized prediction products.

Key Features
Free to Predict
Predict to Earn
Daily Missions
Gamified Farming
Referral Campaigns
Deflation Token Economy
NFT Ecosystem

Diviner Protocol Biggest Partners & Backers
Binance Smart Chain, NFTb, PancakeSwap, ZBS Capital

Cooperation Activities
Cross-Community AMAs
Exclusive Giveaway & Airdrop Events
IDO Launchpad
Cross-Marketing Support

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Metaverse VR Poker gaming platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain and powered by Unreal Engine 5.